Monday, 5 August 2013


Topic choice: 

Inquiry at Riverdale School- an analysis of the Riverdale wave, school curriculum, learning pathway and teaching paradigm.

Why the choice: 

As a new teacher to Riverdale School I see it as one of my priorities to align my classroom programme with the learning pathway of the school. Whilst I will align my programme I will also maintain aspects of Inquiry which I know to improve the recording of the Inquiry process, namely KWHLAQ. A major theme that connects the curriculum within this school is the Riverdale Wave and the ‘Think It Great’ tool. Preliminary discussions about this process have led me to believe that it can be difficult to track, and to have recorded what it is that students are learning. As I have a surface understanding of this process, I aim to further develop my understanding, perhaps clarify any misunderstandings, through observation, reflection, and teacher interviews. I will also provide my findings through a private blog. I intend to demonstrate what underpins my practice and the purpose of the Riverdale Wave, the application of ‘Think It Great’, and the integration of KWHLAQ within my classroom.

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