1. establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of ākonga

i. engage in ethical, respectful, positive and collaborative professional relationships with:

  • ākonga
  • teaching colleagues, support staff and other professionals
  • whānau and other carers of ākonga
  • agencies, groups and individuals in the community

I engage in practices that espouse my expectations. I believe that respect is earned and furthermore reinforced by the active maintenance of positive communication. (T1,2015)

As part of our INDEPENDENCE LICENSE we have integrated manners and people zones. This is in a bid to concretely teach the key competency of relating to others, but in context. We scaffold the students to think carefully about how they impact other students, and when they are demonstrating the appropriate behaviours, we then reward them.

As part of my professional development programme, my esteemed Principal sent me to Ulearn. An amazing opportunity to widen my circle of colleagues and to further deepen relationships with these professionals from about New Zealand. I organised the Delates from Riverdale to attend the event and made it my responsibility to develop a google site embeded with our learning. Have a look here:


The gala dinner theme: On the high seas. So we turned up as pirates.

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