4. demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

i. identify professional learning goals in consultation with colleagues
ii. participate responsively in professional learning opportunities within the learning community
iii. initiate learning opportunities to advance personal professional knowledge and skills

I was once asked why do I believe in life long learning. The answer is simple, I don't believe anyone has the pen-ultimate / perfect practice. If there was such a thing, we'd all copy it. Instead, our job as educators is to continue adapting and as a lead teacher, my goal is to move people beyond what they know, and yearn for what they might want to know.

I lead professional discourse in Poutama constantly. In saying this, I would be best to use the analogy of the Father teaching his son to ride a bike without the training wheels. It's not that I believe my pedagogy to be the strongest, instead what I prefer to do is say, hey here's a concept that's being thrown around. I found some research or lets talk about the observations I've had and then try to make changes to our practice, so that we can trial it.

Earlier in Term 3 I was part of the organising committee for #educamppalmy held at Whakaronogo School. I was invited by some colleagues to be a member of the committee, for which I jumped at the chance for. We had over 120 educators from primary, intermediate and secondary in attendance. Presenters included several experts from maker space, gafe, collaborative teaching, MLE, MLP and edlead.

Feedback from the event was hugely positive:

  • I loved being in an inspiring educational environment. It had such a great feel. 
  • Connecting with other educators as passionate about teaching as I am. The opportunity to share ideas around.
  • Talk with other educators that have the same wonderings as I do.
  • The Outstanding calibre of Smackdown then breakout presenters and topics! Made choosing very difficult!! You guys catered for this really well in the way you organised the breakouts though! Full credit to the organisers!! Best PD! Right up there with ULearn!! (And I have been to Educamps in other areas so am talking about this one particularly)

This year I am very fortunate to have attended ULEARN15. In fact, I was given the choice to attend, and gladly applied. In doing so, I supported 8 other colleagues by organising accommodation, flights, and other necessary events. I am of course, originally from the 09.

I am constantly striving to improve my practice through the research, discourse and observation. Below are some notes from my first Keynote speaker. They resonate highly with what I believe to be true about learning and school structures.

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