Monday, 3 August 2015


Malo soifua,

I'm quite behind in posting. But luckily I work on google docs. So it's not too hard to find my notes.

I was asked some key questions by my principal.

These were my responses about my teacher inquiry so far.


D.Pouniu- 24.06.2015

  • Describe some of the organisational systems that you have in your Flexible Learning Space (FLS)
Linear maths and cyclic literacy workshops
Online SDA tracking sheets
Online tracking sheets: literacy & numeracy
Planning & assessment are digital and collaboratively developed
Independence license system
Pedagogy drives the organisational systems within Poutama
We are aiming to provide a paper-reduced learning experience, using google classroom
Our class blog is our central hub

  • How do you make learning progressions visible for learners?
This is evident on a maths workshop wall
Literacy is more subjective as it is cyclic
Teacher certificates each Friday
Student voice is evident on our walls
We publically promote learning gains of students at whole class meetings (celebration)
We have a “smashed it wall” for excellent work
Tasks are scaffolded verbally or through written / digital means
Our blog and google sites have all the instructions /examples for tasks
We use padlet consistently in the classroom to present learning

  • What approaches do you take to promoting learner self management?
Student organise their time based on ‘must dos’ and ‘can dos’
They record their completed learning on the SDA tracking sheets
There is a scaffold for each zone, as this is chosen weekly

  • How does the way you operate your FLS link to the school’s learning process?

This is evident in our Term 1’s science Te Ako Ritenga. It guided the learning process, but is very visible in other times of our day.

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