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Digital Future Show- Forum

Introduction: I'm heavily involved in the #gigatownpmn campaign and have put myself forward to help out in the engine room where I can. Chorus are bringing giga speed internet to the winning town in 2014, and this will be rolled out by mid 2015.

1gbps internet speeds will revolutionise this city, and bring about social change. It's not JUST about speed. The old adage applies here, KNOWLEDGE IS INDEED POWER! However, just having KNOWLEDGE doesn't give you power. And just having fast internet doesn't bring about a revolution. It's what we do with it that matters.

Digital Future Forum Notes:

NB- while listening I was also tweeting these, so my notes are pretty rough.

Exploiting WHAT we have and waiting on WHATs to come will help us to connect. 
Nearly 1in 5 chn in Palmy do not have a computer / internet access in their home. 
2nd worse in digital literacy, we need to over come the digital divide. 
We need a DIGITAL strategy. 

As a teacher the great socio-economic divide is NOT a new phenomena, I've taught in a Decile 2e - 3 school in South Auckland and now teach at a Decile 9 school in Awapuni. The haves and have-nots is clearly one of the many reasons why we need 1gbps internet speeds in Palmy, and why we need to ensure ALL chn have access to the same resources, they need a level playing / learning field.

Physical vs a Representation of the physical. 
Should money be spent on infrastructure or on virtualizing the travel to and from work. 
"In 2011, due to digitalization 6million jobs we recreated." - Misquote. Imagine what 1gbps would bring to Palmy.
Key Question- when do we virtualise? Virtual talk, distraction, workplace, & education. Only as far as people are willing! 

I gathered that many people sitting in the forum were confused by this concept. So when asked what we thought, they hadn't quite comprehended the application of what was being presented. Someone in the audience made mention that this model couldn't be applied to transport in Palmy. But seriously, the application of this concept is revolutionary. We should be willing to see what can happen as the result of a trial. Not simply say, 'people in Palmy don't use transport'. I think virtuality can be applied to transport, in that you can virtualise the experience of traveling or when traveling. Aspects of public transport can be automated. More on this thought later, my brain is tired, and my school term is 5 school days away from ending. My brain will have woken after a couple weeks of relaxation.

$200,000 development fund alongside winning 1gbps internet speeds. 
Exclusive access to 1gbps internet speeds aside; it's the research opps, the endless promotion of Palmy, the attraction of start up businesses, educational pedagogical paradigm shifts and the creation of a TRUE digital community.
Let's phase out social inequality and usher in1gbps internet speeds into Palmy!

I don't think I need to provide my own thoughts on the above. If you want some in-depth thought, go to my twitter account 

Swamp thing publication-
We need to change our business models and apply these to print media to preserve these businesses.
The potential to bring the past into the present using digital technology is mind-boggling! Just ask Palmy's last traditional butcher. 

Essentially we need to get behind this publication, in the same way we need to visit the blogs linked to Palmy's #gigatownpmn competition too Otherwise we won't gain points. But to support this publication you can visit them at:

In conclusion-
My notes are just a snap shot of what peeked my interest. Others may have more thoughts. 


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