Tuesday, 3 March 2015

MLP- modern learning pedagogy: part four

My last few posts haven't had photos, and are a little bit boring. 

Here are some photos of what we've NOW got in our flexi-space.



Independent License pins.
Criteria drives success. We want our students to be successful. To do this, we want them to learn to be autonomous, but obviously they have to jump a whole heap of hurdles before this can happen. Above you'll see the criteria for each zone. This model of independence was developed by J.Bron and S.Mccallum (2014), we've simply re-branded it and added to it for our purpose.
Example- WORKSHOP ZONE: CRITERIA- be on time, write the date & walt in your book, participate, and support others. When students have demonstrated the above criteria for this ZONE at least twice, we then award them a pin. When a student earns 3 pins, they become an expert, and are given an 'expert' label. There are 10 zones of learning to be independent. 30 pins in total. As they earn pins they move up the LADDER of independence. This then EARNS them certain rights.

Ladder of Independence

When students become LEVEL 3 they're allowed to move exclusively to particular spaces in our school. Obviously, this upward movement in independence is hopefully guided by our scaffolding to support them to ACTUALLY be independent.


We've set up a table and chairs in our cloak bay space. This is a BREAKOUT area for students to complete work quietly without interruption. What's great is that it's not too far from the CONNECT, so therefore teachers are always able to roam and support students in this space.

This CREATE space is where we hope to allow students to MAKE AND BREAK things. However, we're a few weeks away from fully realising its potential.

TEACHING- connect
In this space we provide opportunities for specific groups to meet with us for workshops.

LEARNER HUB- this suite of computers is pretty sweet!

There are many students in our class that are just learning to use digital technology. Luckily, we have a group of students that have spent a year learning in an MLE. We've asked these students to be on call to support our kids with questions they might have about digi-tech. They wear very cool MARVEL-SHIELD themed tech-pert lanyards.

TEEPEE- this is another chill zone for our kids.

We created a visual display of our students REACHING FOR THE STARS. The students collaged their name and wrote goals on their forearms.

This space houses our SYNONYMS display, WRITING PROCESS and library books. The students move their name on the writing process so that we can visually see where students are. The plastic pockets have synonyms that students can use to replace words we highlight in their writing.

THINK- This collaborative space is awesome.
As you can see some students are playing a card game, while another is on their device. The box is full of SDA games, each has a task card or set of instructions describing what they are meant to do. On our MUST DO and CAN DO google sheet or scrap book the students must complete a certain range or number of independent tasks. They have to record this on doc pictured below.

MUST DO / CAN DO google sheet.
These SHEETS are on our blog (1 group has theirs glued into a personalised scrap book each). We have grouped our students into 3 levelled INDEPENDENT SDA groups. We track their completion by checking daily what has been completed. As you can see their are triangles in the right corner of some cells. The students will have written the exact activity they have completed. All MUST DO tasks must be completed before CAN DO tasks. 1 teacher tracks our scrap book SDA group, and the other 2 teachers track and conference all the other students.

Clearly, with this many students it's important for us to track where our students are. They have to simply move their name on the board so we know where they are at all times.

BREAK OUT SPACE- teachable moments
In the breakout space there is often a group of students problem solving or collaborating. Whenever possible one of us is roaming and able to provided non-traditional support. Sometimes, students just need a hand with printing or to help with a task. Having three teachers is amazing for this very reason.

As the year progresses we hope to present the AWESOME work that students create. This is our VISUAL way of celebrating student learning. It's a place for STUDENT VOICE to be heard.


On many walls there are tonnes of posters describing Riverdale School's learning process. It's definitely worth a read.

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