Tuesday, 3 March 2015

MLP- modern learning pedagogy: part one

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As is the common expression, a journey is made up of single steps. 

I began the journey into this modern learning paradigm early on in 2000. It is when a teacher is learning to be a teacher that one asks, why is a lecturer teaching me using a behaviourist model of instruction. If we are to promote the paradigm of co-constructivism, why am I made to sit and listen for 90minutes on a topic that I could just as easily read about from a book. 

It was through many years of teaching that I began to further develop true co-constructivist techniques in the classroom. Early on in my teaching years, I created 'spaces' in my single cell classroom. These would be simple areas for my independent learners to work in, a space for them to be away from other learners and to focus. Often, I'd write up a task sheet and pin it to a wall, or I'd record my activities in scrap books and have the ss take it with them to work from. I have always believed that learning doesn't just occur when a teacher is talking to ss. Learners learn well by themselves and from one another. At the front of a teacher's mind, should be the idea that student collaboration and peer work enhances learning and not just the model 'sage on the stage'. 

I have always been keen to allow times for students to be independent and quiet, as well as, work in groups and be loud. Real life places us in many situations where we learn on our own, or with a partner or in a group. Is it such a strange notion that this too be applied to 'where we learn'?! As an adult, I enjoy drinking coffee. I don't think it strange to find myself sitting at a cafe, with my Mac, headphones on, listening to top 40, while I'm planning. In fact, if you stroll by any cafe at midday, you're more than likely going to see adults on a couch with their smart phone or tablet. You'll probably see adults partaking in the daily grind of a work meeting, over a latte and salad.

We adults know where to learn, based on years of teaching ourselves to either seek solace or crave interaction with friends. 

I know it shouldn't come as a shock to see adults laughing and chilling out on beanbags or at a bench, feet up, and talking about work. If we as people can continue to work or learn in various spaces, sitting or standing, then why would it be so difficult to imagine our children doing the same in school?!


My rant has only but begun.


My goal is to document my experience in an MLE and the developing MLP I'm developing. A flexible learning environment is our school's terminology for an MLE (modern learning environment). At the core of this is the pedagogy around COLLABORATIVE TEACHING. It is more than just the provision of learning spaces but the way in which we grow as co-teachers, because we guide our learners as they learn to drive their learning.


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