Wednesday, 4 March 2015

MLP- modern learning pedagogy: part six

These are my U-LEARN 14 notes continued. I'm now up to keynote 3.

It's awesome re-reading these 6 months later, while I'm in the middle of developing our MLE. My lens has become more focussed. This feels like I'm at U-learn again and that this is my research in action, so it's almost the research methodology: ACTION LEARNING. It's a good thing I did a paper in it for my post-grad; now to dust of that part of my brain?! Hmm...

I am torn, I see my role as the facilitator, and in my experience I would set up students with various forms of expression. Then when it came time to present their learning I know that I've taught them to present their learning on certain graphic organisers or posters or a speech or a role play. But in re-reading these slides, I'm now thinking I need to be more flexible.

So my next step is to unravel my years of teaching experience and move beyond the 'sage on the stage' model which was clearly, so carefully masked by what I thought was facilitation, where I've traditionally modelled and scaffolded them in various models of representation. Instead, according to this UDL model of learning, students should be scaffolding their own learning. It's an interesting notion, and in many ways, I can hear my co-teacher saying to me "I told you so", and out of my mouth I'll probably say "sorry brosef".

Hmm, I need a convo. More on this later :-)

I might ask him to guest blog actually. He's the expert in UDL, I only heard about it for the first time at U-learn. It felt like a dinosaur moment. Everyone else nodding knowingly, while I'm quickly googling. #goodtimes #teacherproblems

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